Dr. Robert Cohen, Ph.D., LCPC, LPC

Shaman, Speaker, Health & Wellness, Male, 2010's

BobCohenWebBob Cohen, Ph.D., possesses the training to apply methods of healing used by shamans from Ecuador and Peru.

Various Topics for Presentation, Speaking, Workshops, Demonstrations, Media Requests, Interviews, etc.

  • Shamanic Drumming
  • Illuminations
  • Extractions
  • Soul Retrievals
  • Destiny Retrievals
  • Yoga Nidra Meditation
  • Energy Psychology

Bob has learned shamanic drumming from a fifth generation shaman from Ecuador. Shamanic drumming promotes a fundamental process of healing in energy medicine by synchronizing the beat of the heart with the rhythm of the earth, thusly preparing the soul for healing. 

The illumination process can serve as the initial intervention used in energy medicine and healing. This practice transforms heavy, dark energy into light and combusts toxic energy present around physical and emotional imprints in the energy field.  It also burns up deposits of heavy energy that adhere to the walls of a chakra. When imprints are erased, one can easily change negative emotions and behaviors. Extractions can be utilized to remove crystallized energies and intrusive energies or entities that have embedded themselves in the energy field and are parasitic to the energy field of the host.  Soul retrieval is used to retrieve a lost part of the soul that has split off as a result of logical physical, emotional or psychological trauma.

Destiny retrieval helps one to break free from the binds of the past (fate or karma) and brings one’s true calling or destiny into their life.  It helps to bring one’s future into the present.

Dr. Bob Cohen Wellness 202-369-163Yoga Nidra is the meditative heart of yoga.  The version of Yoga Nidra used at Blue Spirit Energy (Dr. Cohen's company) has been trademarked as IREST.  Yoga Nidra can promote personal growth and relaxation. The US military has adopted Yoga Nidra to treat a host of mental health disorders, including post-traumatic stress and other anxiety disorders, substance abuse and depression.  Bob has been trained to Level II Yoga Nidra.

Energy psychology combines the principles traditional psychology with energy medicine and focuses on the meridian system to promote healing.

Dr. Bob's Certifications, Licences, etc.

  • 2012 – Energy Psychology certification candidate through ACEP
  • 2011 – Yoga Nidra Meditation - trained to Yoga Nidra Level II meditation
  • 2009 – Shamanic drumming (trained by fifth generation shaman from Ecuador
  • 2007 Certification in Energy Medicine by The Four Winds Society that focuses upon the shamanic tradition of energy medicine
  • 2005 Certification in Advanced Shapeshifting
  • 1996 Licensed Professional Counselor
  • 1991 – Conducted study at Johns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy Center demonstrating the significant effects of relaxation training and guided imagery on alleviating allergic reactions to pollen; subsequently presented the results of this study at two national allergy conferences; main author of published study pertaining to this research
  • 1991 – Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, The Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1988 – Cited in the sports pages of The Washington Post and The Washington Times for role as sports psychologist for The American University men’s varsity basketball team

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